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Catalyst Adoption Methodology®

Catalyst Adoption Methodology®

The Catalyst Adoption Methodology® has been developed by Foster Moore to streamline the effort and maximize the results of a Catalyst implementation. The benefits that CAM® brings can be seen in two particular areas. Firstly, it ensures that the implementation process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, minimizing risks associated with scope management and any misunderstandings or misinterpretations around requirements. Secondly, it demonstrates at a very early stage in the project the functionality, capabilities and features of Catalyst ‘out of the box’ and also aids in the appreciation of the distinction between what functionality requirements can be achieved through configuration and what represents software customization.

Accordingly, CAM ensures that a Catalyst implementation makes the maximum use of the product’s existing capabilities and provides a reliable and supportable system once installed. It also details the implementation processes that are followed and identifies the responsibilities and roles undertaken by all parties involved in the implementation.

CAM complements Foster Moore’s extensive experience with the ITIL Service Management framework and the implementation of online electronic registers. The ITIL framework establishes a broad implementation strategy which identifies various stages through which a service implementation passes. Foster Moore has taken the ITIL framework and applied it to Catalyst to establish CAM, thus defining the process by which a Catalyst implementation will be achieved, including how and when Foster Moore interacts with the client, and the client’s roles and responsibilities. CAM ensures that a Catalyst implementation delivers a fit for purpose, pragmatic solution in the most time and cost efficient manner, and with the lowest risk.